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Cutting and Pasting and Obsessing

14 Nov

My mom is moving and has begun bringing my boxes of very important memorabilia to my house. I love looking through this crap that I hold dear, and even though I haven’t seen this stuff in years, even though I’d plum forgotten about it all, now that it’s in my hands again I remember being an obsessive eleven-year-old sitting on her bedroom floor with stacks of Teen Beat and Bop, scissors and tape and a fiery passion for celebrity boys. I can never let this stuff go. It’s too disturbing.

I loved Michael J. Fox. I loved Kirk Cameron, the Coreys, John Stamos, Johnny Depp, that kid from Our House, Chad Allen (?), too. But, long term… I was going the marry MJF.

For me, every year was The Year of the Fox.

I boned up on his vital statistics, learning his birthdate, his siblings’ names, his filmography. I then rented everything I had not seen from Family Video and scoured each week’s TV Guide for those movies or series I couldn’t rent. I was quite successful at this and can proudly say that I have seen everything on this page. Not easy to do in the mid 80s without premium cable or, you know, the Internet. Class of 1984 was particularly terrible.

So, nothing out of the ordinary obsessive preteen crush. Here’s a nice Family Ties spread.

Here is where the book delves into MJF’s personal life. You know, he dated Nancy McKeon. Jo from The Facts of Life, which I just couldn’t understand because she wasn’t “the pretty one.”

And here is where it gets weird. That’s me, my head on Molly Ringwald’s body.

I’d like to point out two things. 1) the aspect ratio is spot on, and 2) I did this with scissors and tape!

This one is particularly meaningful as it masks his now wife, Tracy Pollan.

I would move from rudimentary, no-tech Photoshopping to transcription, spending nights one summer transcribing my audio tape recording of The Secret of my Success.