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Sleeping With Knives? No.

16 Nov

I saw this on The Today Show and then read this article Milwaukee Runs Provocative Ads to Wake Parents Up to Dangers of Co-Sleeping about this advertisement to warn parents of the dangers of co-sleeping.

Co-Sleeping is NOT (NOT) like a baby sleeping next to a freakin’ meat cleaver.

Yes, there are dangers involved with co-sleeping, just as there are dangers with a child sleeping in the crib. (You need a snug sheet, no drop side crib, no bumpers, no stuffed animals etc…) Read:  Why We Never Ask “Is it Safe for Infants to Sleep Alone?”

Yes, people need to understand and be educated about safe co-sleeping (a world wide practice), and Milwaukee has something of an epidemic apparently, but this kind of shocking image is unnecessarily graphic, inaccurate in its implication, and irresponsible. The image of the baby sleeping on the bed with loose sheets and a mountain of pillows is also incorrect and displaying dangerous co-sleeping. If the goal of this ad is for parents to not share sleep with their infants, this is not the way to do it, because, to look at this one could simply say, “Well, I don’t let my child sleep with a butcher knife, so, therefore, I’m okay!”

It is important to educate and not shock with an image that is not true! For example, a antismoking ad will show a person with a tracheotomy to scare. It may work, because that can actually happen! A baby with a knife, though isn’t true.