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Hey, Boo-Boo!

10 Aug

Yogi Bear Campground, Elmer, NJ, 1984

Yep, I’m the one in the pic-in-nic basket, me with my home perm and glasses. I was usually the one who would do something weird. ┬áThis is a Girl Scout camping trip┬áto Yogi Bear Campground in Elmer, NJ.

It is 1984, so slouch socks, Keds, and Olympic Fashion abound.

Here is a whole episode of Yogi Bear!

How to Tell if Your’re the Coolest Kid on the Block

3 Aug

My birthday, 1985.

1. Giant glasses. Check.

2. Jordache sweater. Check.

3. Neon orange hat. Check.

4. Jeans with pink stripes to match Jordache sweater. Check.

5. Hot pink Conair phone. (With pulse mode option for families without touch tone service.) Check.