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Most Heartbreaking Line of All Time

14 Dec

In “Goodnight Moon,” the narrator enumerates the items found in the great green room of a little bunny-boy, only to then say goodnight to each one. Most of the things listed are tangible–kittens, mittens, a brush, a bowl full of mush, a creepy old lady knitting. But, after each thing is bid adieu for the night, this blank page and these stark, sorrowful words interrupt the pattern in a most heartbreaking way.


Most Beautiful Line Ever Written

13 Dec

In this scene, Toad, paralyzed by the loss of his To Do list, can’t do anything. Frog joins him in a lovely show of friendship and compassion.

My heart aches; it’s so full.


Nipple Confusion is probably goth.

9 Dec

Jason Reitman’s new movie, “Young Adult,” looks great, of course. It is just about everything I like in a movie, (even though it’s written by Diablo Cody… that’s a whole other topic.) But, I like it even more after catching a glimpse of this on the trailer.


OMG! NIPPLE CONFUSION!! Best name for a band ever!

What other breastfeeding/parenting/baby related stuff makes for great band names???